Comedian Joan Rivers added her salty brand of fashion criticism to the Golden Globes Awards last night while broadcasting live from outside the ceremony during the E! Network’s “Pre-show.” As usual, Joan had her tongue sharpened for the occasion (as reported by PEOPLE Online’s Dorrie Crockett):

  • To Lara Flynn Boyle of “The Practice,” clad in body-skimming white silk satin: “It looks like a slut’s wedding dress.”

  • To Lisa Nicole Carson of “Ally McBeal”: “Great breasts.”

  • To Sarah Jessica Parker (with mate Matthew Broderick): “Your husband is taller than you, why are you wearing those stupid flats?”

The last word goes to Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers. In exasperated response to Joan’s incessant references to Melissa’s recent nuptials: “Mom, sometimes you make it really hard for me to love you.”