It wasn’t all riches for the Golden Globes. Sunday’s three-hour NBC telecast experienced a 9% drop in the ratings compared to last year. While the Globes showered gold on HBO — which won eight of the 11 TV Globes, depositing four of them on the doorstep of best TV drama “The Sopranos” — HBO, ironically, was a big reason the Globes drooped. Episode No. 2 of “The Sopranos” (now in its second season) aired directly opposite the Globes. Even worse, on ABC was ratings sensation “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” On the plus side, Globes viewing peaked after 10 p.m. ET during the tribute to Barbra Streisand, when competition from other channels wasn’t so stiff. Fans got to hear Babs talk at length about how, as a child, she liked to catch her own reflection in automobile hubcaps.