Globe Nod Causes Mary-Louise Parker to Burn Her Waffles

"I was on the phone for a long time and then I noticed it was really smoky," she says

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages

Mary-Louise Parker’s Golden Globe nomination caused quite a stir at her house Thursday morning – and nearly started a fire.

“I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my kids. I was making waffles, which almost caught fire,” the star of Weeds tells PEOPLE about getting the news of her best actress nomination. “I was on the phone for a long time and then I noticed it was really smoky.”

But she says her two children didn’t mind all the commotion. “It was kind of fun. My kids like it when the smoke alarm goes off. It’s loud, and exciting, and my son gets to pick up the broom and hit the ceiling with it.”

As for the ruined waffles, Parker says she just started over and made the kids a fresh batch.

Asked how she’ll celebrate her nod, Parker says, “Oh god, I hadn’t thought about that. We’re putting up the Christmas tree, which is fairly celebratory. I don’t know, I’m pretty square.”

Besides her children, Parker says she shared her nomination news with her parents first. “That’s the best part of being nominated for me because I get to call them and tell them and they’re sleeping. It’s the best part about it.”

So, did she hear from her off-and-on beau Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who Parker recently stepped out with? “Well, there’s another coast. He’s on another coast,” says Parker.

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