Most Wanted
May 14, 2009 12:00 PM

Friday’s episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show will have something for everyone: puppies, prisoners, war veterans … and Glenn Close.

On the show, the actress, 62, talks to Winfrey about Puppies Behind Bars, an organization close to her heart that takes dogs to prisons, where they are trained by inmates to be service dogs. The show also visits a New York prison to film the reunion between Sgt. Allen Hill and inmate Roberto Rodriguez, who trained the veteran’s dog Frankie.

“To be able to support something that is actually helping the 330,000 returning vets who suffer from PTSD is something I think is very significant and important,” Close tells PEOPLE Pets.

The actress notes how the dogs help the prisoners who train them, too: “You’ll see these big guys saying that they never knew what love was.” Close adds, “So to see these guys who a lot of our society thinks are garbage and unredeemable, [they] learn, first of all, what it’s like to care for another living creature and getting the life skills that will really serve them in good stead, if they ever get out.”

The Damages star also tells PEOPLE Pets a little secret about her own dog Jake who frequently visits the set of her F/X series (along with her other dog Bill). “Jakey, a lot of times actually, is laying on my feet when I’m doing a scene as Patty Hewes at my desk. That’s my little joke.”

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