Glen Campbell's Wife Defends Her Decision to Move the Singer into a Care Facility

"This is the best thing for Glen," Kim Woolen says about Campbell's care in a Nashville facility

Glen and Kim Campbell. Photo: Kurt Markus

After moving her husband Glen Campbell into a full-time care facility in April, Kim Woolen faced criticism from the public, to say nothing of the singer’s eldest daughter, Debby.

Now, the star’s wife of 32 years is defending her actions, saying she was told by doctors the move was “the best thing for Glen,” who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Woolen, 55, explained that she had a team of six people caring for the “Rhinestone Cowboy” singer, 78, around the clock at home, but Campbell’s current doctor advised her in February about the need for 24-hour access to medical care.

“The doctors and my team know what care he needs, and they were an integral part of this family decision,” Woolen said in the statement. “Our children, all of Glen’s brothers and sisters and extended family support me as well as his daughter Kelli. It is very hurtful to have people who are very far removed from our situation to be scrutinizing and judging our private family decision.”

In May, Woolen told PEOPLE the memory-care facility near their Nashville home was “a very nurturing place” where Campbell feels secure.

“I sit with him through his meals we hug each other and cuddle. I savor every day,” she said.

At the facility, Campbell is able to participate in stimulating activities and therapy. “His life is filled with love and laughter, and he is being cared for ’round the clock by people who specialize in Alzheimer’s care and happen to adore him,” she said.

Inside Scoop: Glen Campbell Moved to Care Facility

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