July 10, 2002 12:00 PM

After a long period of discussion, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his estranged wife, TV personality Donna Hanover, have reached a divorce settlement that will officially end their marriage and bring Hanover $6.8 million plus child support, reports The New York Times. The ex-mayor, 58, will also pick up his ex-wife’s legal fees. “This was a spectacular win for Donna and the children,” Hanover’s attorney Helene Brezinsky told the Associated Press. The accord was reached shortly before both sides, which have been fighting bitterly over such issues as money and division of property, were scheduled to take their case to court. “We have reached a lengthy agreement that encompasses everything,” Brezinsky told Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Judith Gische. Giuliani’s attorney Raoul Felder told the jurist that the interested parties had worked “mightily” through the night to reach the settlement. Giuliani, whose companion is Judith Nathan, reportedly had an annual income from speaking fees of about $8 million last year and had offered Hanover, 52, $3,600 per month in child support. (The Giulianis have two children: Andrew, 16, and Caroline, 12.) She, in turn, had demanded $1 million in alimony and child support — and an additional $15,000 a month for a bodyguard, a personal assistant and a press secretary.

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