Giuliani Quits Senate Race

New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced on Friday that he is dropping out of the New York Senate race, where he was expected to be the Republican candidate to face off against Democrat Hillary Clinton. At a press conference held at City Hall, Giuliani cited his battle with prostate cancer as the reason. In a lengthy speech, Giuliani, 55, apologized to supporters for quitting at this late date, but explained, “I can’t be the candidate that I would like to be.” News of Giuliani’s withdrawal comes just weeks after he disclosed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the disease that killed his father. He said during the press conference that he has yet to decide upon a course of treatment. On May 10, he held a press conference to announce that he was seeking a formal separation from his wife of sixteen years, actress and TV host Donna Hanover, 50, and later he admitted to a relationship with sales manager Judith Nathan, 45, a “very good friend.” Asked if his personal life had contributed to his decision not to run, he replied, “This decision is a health decision. My personal life is my personal life.” The Republican party will formally nominate a candidate in Buffalo on May 30.

  • For more on the Giuliani-Hanover separation, click here.
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