"It's not as cut and dry as I think you would expect," Rancic tells PEOPLE

By Dahvi Shira
Updated October 06, 2013 11:00 AM
Toni Axelrod

Are Giuliana and Bill Rancic on their way to expanding their family?

The season finale of their reality show, Giuliana & Bill – which is being moved to E! this season, beginning on Oct. 15 – ended with the couple asking their surrogate if she wanted to carry another child for them.

“I think her answer will surprise a lot of people,” Rancic, 39, recently told PEOPLE on what’s to come on the season premiere of the show. “It’s not as cut and dry as I think you would expect.”

Adds Rancic, who teamed up with Save Lids to Save Lives to raise money and awareness for breast cancer: “We’re thinking about having kids, but there’s nothing solid or concrete. I’ve got to say that first year was a lot, but when he turned one, it was like a switch turned on. Suddenly it all started making sense and we really got the hang of it. Before, we were like, what about an only child? Now we’re thinking, no, we definitely want another child.”

As for now, being a mom to 13-month-old Edward Duke is “just the greatest,” Rancic says, adding, “He’s such a good boy and he’s happy and he’s always laughing.”

And the little one is already pretty active.

“He’s now dancing,” she says. “If you put a certain song on, his whole body starts moving. It’s the cutest thing. But if you put a different song on, he won’t do it. There’s this one song. It’s kind of patriotic. There are like drums. Speaking of drums, he loves drumming. I told Bill we may have a little musician on our hands.”

Looking back, following infertility struggles, a miscarriage and a battle with breast cancer, Rancic says she now feels “great. I really do.”

She continues, “It was so hard at the beginning, especially going public with something as personal as breast cancer. As time goes by and the wounds start to heal, it goes from thinking about it 100 times a day, to 50 times a day, to 20 times a day, to five times a day. Looking back, I’m happy with the choice to have gone public. I get so many women coming up to me literally every day.”