The couple wed in February 2009 and have welcomed two children


Tom Brady may have millions of Patriots fans nationwide, but Gisele Bündchen is his biggest cheerleader.

In the eight years that the New England Patriots quarterback and the Brazilian model have been married, the couple has grown and evolved as parents — and have changed one another for the better.

Speaking with Charlie Rose in a sit-down interview airing Wednesday on CBS This Morning, Bündchen, 36, opens up about her relationship with her husband and the “wonderful” life they have together.

“He’s playing football. It’s a contact sport and a very aggressive sport. But he knows I will always support him. And I want him to be happy,” the mother of two says in an exclusive clip of tomorrow’s interview. “And if that makes him happy, and he loves to do that, then I’m always gonna support him like I always have. So I want him to be happy and fulfilled.”

“You’ve changed him, and he’s changed you,” Rose says about their relationship.

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“Yeah, I think that’s what we’ve done,” Bündchen admits. “We do most of our growing in relationships because … they see all of us, right? All the sides of us.”

After two children — son Benjamin, 7, and daughter Vivian Lake, 4 — and nearly a decade of wedded bliss (they tied the knot in February 2009), Bündchen reveals that she and 39-year-old Brady have both grown and learned extensively from one another.

“I think we have been growing and learning a lot from each other,” she says. “You know, walkin’ this life with a partner where you can always grow and learn from, it’s wonderful.”

Since Bündchen retired from the runway in 2015, the Brazil native has been dedicating herself as an advocate for the environment. She currently works as an advisor on Project Drawdown, a non-profit founded by environmentalist Paul Hawken, whose new book Drawdown offers 100 science-based solutions to reverse global warming.

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