'Girls' Star Jake Lacy Reveals He Was Secretly Married in August

"It feels like you got a person who always has your back," the star tells PEOPLE

Photo: Getty

Jake Lacy is officially off the market … and secretly has been for months!

Lacy, 29, recently told PEOPLE he was married in August and said that his life feels different now that he’s said “I do.”

“It feels like you got a person who always has your back, even more so than when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” Lacy said.

The Office alum, who plays the boyfriend of Lena Dunham‘s Hannah on Girls, also opened up about his nuptials on SirisuXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos.

Lacy told Maria Menounos that his wife is someone he’s been with “for many years”, and because she’s not from his native Boston, he joked their love of different sports teams “was a contentious issue.”

Lacy turns 30 on Feb. 14 and said being born on Valentine’s Day makes things a little tricky for romance.

“I still like do a little something for her. I’m not like, ‘It’s my babe day. Sorry, you missed out. You should have married somebody born on the 15th,’ ” he said. “I’ll still do something. But she always gets me the greatest stuff and she’s the best. It’s awesome.”

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