During the star's memorial service, Haley Wood speaks about the memories she'll always cherish

By Jessica Wedemeyer
Updated September 04, 2009 04:05 PM
John B. Zissel/IPOL/Globe; INF

Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein and Haley Wood may have been on-again, off-again before his sudden death on Aug. 28 – but the love the two shared was clear when she spoke at his emotional memorial service in Los Angeles Thursday.

“I have never experienced anything quite like Adam Goldstein. He made me feel warm and whole,” said Wood, who was one of a handful of people who spoke about the deejay during the service held at the Hollywood Palladium. “He smelled soft. Adam was a remarkable human being, and so many have been blessed by his presence.”

Recalling their time together, she said, “We talked of marriage and excitement of having children together. He would whisper in my ear sometimes before we went to sleep, ‘Goodnight, my sweet angel.’ Most mornings when I woke up, he’d make me toast and juice and say, ‘Good morning, soulmate.’ I will cherish the memories forever.”

During the ceremony, Goldstein’s empty deejay booth, along with his laptop, headphones and two pairs of sneakers, was set up in remembrance of the musical talent. The service opened with the reading of Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 steps. Goldstein, 36, had been sober for more than a decade when he suffered an apparent relapse.

“Even though our time together was short, I would change nothing,” Wood added. “The love I continue to feel for him and the love that we shared together will live with me and those who witnessed us together forever. I will never be the same without him. A part of me has passed away with him. Even the warmest of days will never compare to the warmth I felt when I touched him. He was my soulmate, and now he is my soul. He was my amazing grace.”

Wood opened her speech by reciting lyrics from “Amazing Grace.”

Also in attendance at the memorial were Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Goldstein’s former fiancée, Nicole Richie, who is due to have her second child this month.