Well, this almost makes us want to be in a long-distance relationship

By Grace Gavilanes
January 12, 2016 02:35 PM

We’ll be the first to say it: long-distance relationships suck.

After all, being in an LDR means you and bae are resorting to endless FaceTime sessions instead of actual physical contact, which can feel as unfulfilling as an extra-chewy double-chocolate-chip cookie served sans milk. The emptiest of feelings.

But one couple is beating the odds by making their LDR a much more intimate, romantic, thoughtful partnership that goes beyond scheduled phone dates and bi-monthly visits.

During a trip to Canada to visit her boyfriend over New Year’s, one (super-awesome) girlfriend brought along a briefcase filled with sweet letters catered to every occasion imaginable. She secretly stashed the case in her beau’s room under his nightstand.

Her boyfriend came across the surprise days later after being prompted via text message to look for it.

“You know how I wish I could be there for days like today?” she texted him. “Like when you come home tired from work and I want to give you a hug? Or like when you’re feeling lonely and I can’t actually be there?” The messages led him on a treasure hunt to the briefcase.

Stunned as one might feel upon discovering a never-before-seen briefcase in his room, the lucky recipient documented his findings, which included envelopes of all different sizes that held various labels, ranging from “open when you’re in the mood for a really dumb joke” and “open when you’re feeling frisky” to “open when you’re feeling alone” and “open when you’re angry at me,” among other gems.

“This was by far my favorite gift this year,” he wrote on photo-sharing site Imgur, where he posted photos of the letters. “Thank you, @mishellymonster, you’re the greatest. Love you!”

Girlfriend of the year or what?

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