8-Year-Old Girl Puts Her Foot Down About Sexist Shoes

When Sophie Trou was told that a certain shoe was just for boys, she wrote the company

Photo: NNP

“Why can’t girls have dinosaur shoes?”

That’s 8-year-old Sophie Trow, making a good point about the way products are unfairly marketed as “just for girls” or “just for boys.”

When Sophie went to the store to pick out new shoes for school, she decided upon the Clarks Stomp Claw shoe because she likes dinosaurs. However, the salesclerk told Sophie and her mother that these shoes were for boys’ feet and not for the “female bone structure.”

As a result, Sophie wrote to the Clarks shoe company, explaining why the company’s marketing was sexist.

“I don’t like how girls have flowery shoes. I like dinosaurs and fossils, so I think that other girls might as well,” she wrote.

Sophie’s mother Tweeted the letter to Clarks Shoes, and according to this Metro article, the company responded by apologizing.

“The Stomposaurus range can safely be worn by all children,” the Clarks rep was quoted as saying. “We are also developing a broader range of unisex styles which will be available from autumn/winter this year.”

But that’s not all. Sophie’s letter has also inspired a hashtag, #InMyShoes, which has women who work in scientific fields Tweeting pictures of the shoes they wear. The shoes range from the rugged to the stylish, because being a woman – or being girly – doesn’t preclude you from liking science.

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