Meet your spirit animal for this weekend

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 08, 2014 05:45 PM

On Thursday, the San Francisco Giants took on the Milwaukee Brewers. While the Brewers won the game 3-1, it was one little baseball fan that was truly the day’s champion.

During the 7th inning of the game a foul ball went soaring into the stands. Once the baseball landed amongst the seats, the usual, frantic scuffle for the prize ensued. Throughout the hunt a brunette girl caught in the middle kept her cool. Instead of wading through a sea of legs, she let the ball come to her and then snatched it off the ground.

Behold! The small child who outsmarted a half dozen adults. Let this GIF of her glorious rebel yell and accompanying celebratory arm raise prepare you for a weekend of relaxation, success and pure awesomeness.

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