Victoria Wilcher's family stands by their claim that the 3-year-old was asked to leave a KFC in Mississippi because her scarred face was frightening customers

By K.c. Blumm
Updated July 05, 2014 12:15 PM
Credit: Getty

The family of a little girl who was attacked by pit bulls is sticking to their claim that the 3-year-old was asked to leave a KFC in Mississippi, and they’re rejecting the fast-food chain’s donation of $30,000 toward the child’s medical treatment.

Kelly Mullins claimed last month that a KFC employee in Jackson asked her and her granddaughter Victoria Wilcher to leave the restaurant because her scarred face was frightening customers. But after an internal investigation, KFC said that the story – which sparked widespread outrage – was a hoax. Nevertheless, the company offered to donate money toward Wilcher’s care.

Mullins maintains her story is true, and as a result, the family has turned down the chain’s $30,000 donation “because we didn’t feel it was appropriate to accept it after everything KFC has done,” the family’s lawyer, Bill Kellum, told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger on Wednesday. “Kelly maintains that what she said happened at the KFC is true.”

Wilcher was mauled by three pit bulls at her grandfather’s home in April – she lost her right eye and suffered multiple facial fractures and lacerations. She is also reliant on a feeding tube.

After KFC denied Mullins’s story, several people who had donated money to Wilcher’s medical care through a Go Fund Me page pulled their donations, but a substantial amount of money remains, and Kellum told the newspaper that more than $100,000 in pledges will soon be released to go toward Victoria’s medical care.

“The family is committed to having the money put in a discretionary trust account for Victoria with a third-party, non-family member designated as the trustee,” Kellum added. “They want to make sure every cent goes toward Victoria getting better.”

Additionally, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon has offered to perform cosmetic surgery on the girl, and a prosthetic center in Florida has offered to provide Wilcher with a prosthetic eye.