Gillette Venus's social media campaign is inspiring women to embrace all aspects of themselves

It’s easy to define someone as “smart” or “funny” or “athletic,” but a new viral video wants women to embrace all of their various attributes.

After Gillette Venus found that 70 percent of women around the world felt labeled when they were as young as 10 years old – with 42 percent of them saying the labels had a negative effect on their lives – the company launched the “Use Your And” campaign to fight against one-dimensional views of women.

The idea is that someone can be an astronaut “and” a ballerina. She can be strong “and” sensitive.

An inspiring YouTube video features a spoken word poet explaining the harm of stereotypes and shows women engaging in all sorts of activities, from playing the drums to designing clothing, from dancing to skateboarding.

“When someone labels you this or that, use your ‘and’ to take a stand,” says the poet in the ad.

“We used real people, real girls,” explains the video’s director, Amy Hill. “We wanted to represent as many different ideas as possible. I hope females will see this and go ‘I’m somewhere in there, and I’m actually just not one vignette, I’m in a bunch because I am many things.’ I think we can be really proud that we’re multifaceted, that we’re multidimensional.”

The video currently has received more than 9 million views, and women are sharing their reactions on Twitter using the hashtag “#UseYourAnd.”

“If someone says I am pretty then I say ‘yes and I have a master’s degree in International Security,’ ” Tweeted University of Bristol student Lissalina Marwig.