Get the Regis Look

With the huge success of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and all the talk of host Regis Philbin’s cool monochromatic look, a Regis line of clothes seemed like only a natural. At a New York press conference yesterday, it was announced that Van Heusen will be making matching shirts and ties under the Regis name in “a multi-million, multiple-year deal.” The line will roll out by Labor Day, with the shirt sets selling for about $40. Regis said that he looked into working conditions for the makers of his line, so as not to repeat the Kathie Lee Gifford boondoggle. (The manufacturers of her clothing line were caught operating sweatshops.) “That’s the first thing I did! That ain’t going to happen to me!” said Regis, who also confirmed that his favorite color is blue.

  • And on last night’s celebrity version of “Millionaire” (which returned to the Time Warner cable system thanks to a temporary truce between Time Warner, which owns PEOPLE, and Disney-owned ABC): The stars loosened up a bit, as both Dana Carvey and Vanessa L. Williams won $32,000. Drew Carey followed in what has been the week’s highlight so far. He took home half a million bucks for his pet charity, the Ohio Library System. Yesterday’s Daily reported that David Duchovny won $500,000; in fact, he reached the $500,000 level but missed the question. He ended up earning $32,000 for his charity. We regret the error.
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