Play dates and shopping trips with the Spice kids brought her closer to Victoria Beckham

By Caris Davis
April 21, 2008 10:35 AM

Geri Halliwell says her feud with Victoria Beckham ended with major help from some maternal bonding.

After a rift that began when Halliwell quit the Spice Girls in 1998 and continued when Posh left her off the guest list for her wedding to David Beckham, the pair speak regularly and their children are playmates, according to Britain’s You Magazine.

“I have huge admiration for Victoria,” says Halliwell. “She had her boys with her the whole time and she’s done such a great job with them – they are all so well mannered and caring. Victoria and I are actually the biggest supporters of each other. We feel really proud of one another.”

Halliwell credits their kids with bringing the two back together. “Romeo [Beckham] is just so sweet with Bluebell,” she says, adding that 3-year-old Cruz Beckham now enjoys play dates with Halliwell’s 23-month-old daughter Bluebell, and that she’s shopped with Cruz’s 9-year-old brother, Brooklyn, too.

“The reunion was an amazing experience – everything I wanted it to be and more,” says Halliwell, who has launched a series of kids books about her 8-year-old alter ego, Ugenia Lavender.

“It was very healing just being with the girls. I love their company.”