Elite rider Brianne Goutal describes the mayor's daughter's fall and why she'll be back in saddle once she's healed
Credit: Phil Cole/Getty

Any rider will tell you that after you fall off your horse, you have to get back in the saddle.

That’s just what Georgina Bloomberg – New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg’s daughter, who was injured after taking a spill on Friday – will do once she’s feeling better.

“As of right now, George is recovering at her home,” fellow elite equestrian Brianne Goutal, who witnessed her friend’s fall, tells PEOPLE. “She has suffered a substantial concussion and has two slipped discs/herniations. She will be fine but needs to take time to heal before re-commencing her training.”

The accident occurred at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament in the Gambler’s Choice class, “which is a very fast [jumping] class with a lot of fast turns,” says Goutal. “What happened with George was essentially bad luck. Her girth was too loose, which is something that can happen to anyone.”

“It was just an unfortunate mistake that all equestrians hope to avoid,” she says. “No one likes to fall off, obviously, but one comes to expect a spill here and there. They are part of the game.”

Because of the loose girth (the strap that holds the saddle firmly on the horse), “When she made a turn to a jump, the saddle slipped off to the side of her horse,” Goutal says. “Her fall was inevitable as she was hanging off the side when the horse left the ground to jump.”

While the fall was certainly unfortunate, Goutal says it’s unlikely to rattle her fellow equestrian.

“In terms of what a fall like that does to one’s confidence, I have to say, not much,” she says. “Falls are part of the sport and they happen to everyone, all the time. Falls that hurt your confidence are rider error falls – such as those from [taking off from] bad distances or [making] bad decisions.”