George Harrison Stabbed

Former Beatle George Harrison is hospitalized after being stabbed in his home in Oxfordshire, England, by an intruder today. His wife Olivia was also reportedly attacked but was not hospitalized. Hospital reports indicate that Harrison was stabbed in the chest. Motive for the attack has not been disclosed, but sources say it was a botched robbery at the walled estate of Harrison’s home outside of London, which is known as Friar Park. A male assailant has been arrested and is being questioned by police. Longtime Beatles producer Sir George Martin told a British TV station that the attack was a “burgarly that went wrong” and wondered why Harrison was a target. “I know there’s always people trying to get in,” he was quoted as saying. “But George always leads a very quiet life . . . I can’t imagine anyone picking on George.” Hospital representatives say Harrison is recovering well and should be released in two days.

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