The Gravity actor responds to Fey's joke about his love life

By Anya Leon
January 20, 2014 11:15 AM
Michael Loccisano/Getty; Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, consider yourselves warned.

Word has gotten back to George Clooney that the two women took a swipe at his infamous love life while hosting the Golden Globes – and the sleeping bear is now wide awake.

“It’s a well-crafted joke, I can appreciate that,” he told Access Hollywood.

But now Clooney, 52, is ready for revenge.

“They have poked the bear with a stick. Oh, they have poked the bear,” he jokes. “I don’t want to scare Amy or Tina – I don’t want them to be afraid at all – but they’ve poked the bear.”

When questioned whether there is any validity to Fey’s funny commentary, Clooney says, “I think … I think that there is no defense. It was a really good joke.”

His final words of wisdom to anyone else thinking of pulling a prank on the veteran jokester? “Just remember, don’t poke the bear,” he says after vowing there will be “some pay back.”

Don’t believe him? Just ask Matt Damon.

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