George Clooney Takes Stand on Olympics

The star pushes for the sponsor he reps to put pressure on China over Darfur

Photo: Lisa Rose/JPI

George Clooney is speaking out against China’s foreign policy in Sudan – putting pressure on Beijing Olympics sponsor Omega Watches, for which he is a spokesman, the Associated Press reports.

The Oscar winner and U.N. Messenger of Peace, 46, who is an active advocate for refugees in Darfur, told the BBC on Tuesday, “I have talked with Omega [about China] for over a year and will continue to talk to Omega. I have and will go to the places I and China do business and ask for help.”

Clooney has repeatedly addressed the crisis in Darfur publicly. Last month, filmmaker Steven Spielberg withdrew as an artistic adviser to the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics because of China’s ties as a major trading partner with Sudan.

Although Omega’s policy is “not to get involved in politics,” an executive of the watch company said in regard to Clooney, “We have full respect for his strong engagement in the fight for the good cause and share his opinion, especially concerning Darfur, and we are proud to work with a person who has such high ethical views.”
Janet Mock

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