Stacy Keibler Gets Her Rah-Rah Back for George Clooney, President Obama's Basketball Game

The former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader roots as her boyfriend and the President play hoops

Photo: Macca/Todd G/Splash News Online

It’s not often that one’s weekly schedule includes things such as: “Dinner at home with President” or “Boyfriend plays pickup game with Leader of Free World.”

So you can forgive Stacy Keibler for still looking a bit wide-eyed after last week’s visit to California by President Barack Obama.

A day after George Clooney hosted a multimillion-dollar fundraiser at his Los Angeles home Thursday, the Academy Award-winning actor and the president hit the hardwood for a pickup game that also featured Tobey Maguire

“It was such an honor, it really was,” Keibler tells PEOPLE while attending the 19th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women in Los Angeles on Saturday. “To have the President at our house was such an unbelievable honor. I would say that there is such an energy and a presence, and I felt almost speechless.”

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Speechless that is until the “boys” hit the Chevoit Recreation Center on Friday morning in an effort to settle a longstanding and increasingly friendly feud over who’s got the best game on the A-Lists of politics and acting.

That’s when Keibler, a former Baltimore Ravens’ cheerleader, was able to access the more vocal part of her personality.

“I was a cheerleader on the side,” she says, adding that she was thankful that she never had to choose between rooting for her man of the house, and her man in the White House. “George and Obama were on the same team, so they both [won]. It made it easy

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