The pair worked together in the upcoming film, Our Brand Is Crisis

By Tom Gliatto
October 17, 2015 07:10 PM

Sandra Bullock and her Gravity costar George Clooney are still over the moon for each other.

Professionally. Don’t be silly. We mean professionally.

The two stars (and longtime friends) have been promoting their new project together, Our Brand Is Crisis. Clooney is co-producing the comedy-drama, and Bullock stars as “Calamity” Jane Bodine, a political consultant using her cynical chops to create a winning strategy for an unpopular candidate in a Bolivian election. (The part was originally written for a male actor – Clooney – but when Bullock expressed interest in the part, Clooney was happy to oblige.)

“It’s nice just to sort of be able to work together,” Bullock said during a press conference for the film in Los Angeles on Friday. “You grow up, you share life experiences, you’re mellowing out, you share your new sense of self. We’re good at arguing our points of view and never feeling like it got personal.”

Clooney’s perspective is precisely the same: It’s “really fun,” he said, to sit down with someone you know and say, “Well, let s make this movie.

However, he joked that “Sandra is boss.” He also said during the press conference that “Sandy is 64 years old.” But the world knows that isn’t the case. (She’s 51. He’s 54.)

Brand may not pair Clooney and Bullock onscreen, but it does create unexpected sexual chemistry between Bullock and costar Billy Bob Thornton. With his head shaved to suggest famous political strategist James Carville, Thornton plays her rival in the campaign. The two engage in a kind of poisonous flirtation as the election comes down to the wire.

The relationship, says Thornton, wasn’t hard to do. “She’s so, not only talented, but easy to be around.”

Bullock: “Easy on the eyes, as well, right?

Yes, says Thornton, “easy on the eyes.”

Our Brand Is Crisis opens in theaters Oct. 30.

Reporting by NICOLE SANDS