George Clooney on What (Not) to Do With Fame

The actor says activism might be a better idea than what some young celebs choose

Video courtesy AP

George Clooney believes there’s a responsibility that comes with getting attention as a celebrity – and it goes beyond looking out for oneself.

“In some ways, it’s easier for us [to explore activist work] because we have some financial security, so we can say, ‘OK, let’s stop worrying about ourselves and look out for other people,’ ” the 46-year-old actor tells USA Today.

Not that too many young celebrities seem to think that way. “What should you do with all this kind of attention?” Clooney asks coyly. “Should you get out of a car without wearing underwear?”

Clooney is probably not likely to pull a stunt like that, though he jokes, “You’ve never seen me. I look fantastic.”

Instead, the Oscar winner continues to focus on the Darfur crisis in Sudan. He is planning to make his second trip there in January. He says he will “try to get some cameras in to the tougher camps and have conversations. That’s basically all I can do. If you put famous people in front of very ugly sites, people will watch.”

Many of Clooney’s close friends in the business are involved in activist work, including Brad Pitt, who is working to revive the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s a life choice for him and a big part of his life,” Clooney says. “Matt [Damon] does that, too. Don [Cheadle]. A lot of the guys who are good friends of mine spend a good portion of their life doing this.”

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