George Clooney: My New Prank on Brad Pitt 'Crossed the Line' – but Thanks to My Lawyer Wife Amal, 'I'll Be Fine!'

"In a year you are going to hear that I've been arrested – I'm not kidding!" the Oscar winner tells BBC chat host Graham Norton

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty

George Clooney may be a married man now, but his well-earned reputation as a prankster is still intact.

Speaking of one of his favorite targets, good friend Brad Pitt, he told BBC chat show host Graham Norton that his next prank may be his most daring yet.

“I’m doing one now that I can’t tell you about, but in a year you are going to hear I’ve been arrested – I’m not kidding, because I think I’ve crossed the line,” he told Norton in an interview set to air Friday. “ButI have a wife, she’s a barrister, I’ll be fine! ‘ ”

The Oscar winner, 54, who is promoting his new sci-fi film Tomorrowland, also spoke of his plans to settle down with Amal in the country where she grew up. The couple are in the process of renovating a historic mansion they bought shortly after their September wedding and are planning to move in at the end of the summer.

“[We’re] really excited – I love it,” Clooney told Good Morning Britain earlier this week. “We’re going to have a great time, there’s a great old pub and there’s a great restaurant, The French Horn, there and it’s a really beautiful fun place to be. I m really excited.

Speaking to Norton, he also shared how he had to interrupt his honeymoon last September to attend Comic-Con – and his bride’s less-than-amused response.

“I got the call while on my honeymoon and was told it was really important that I fly in,” Clooney said.

“First I had to explain that to my wife, which didn’t play well. And then the whole idea of spending part of your honeymoon with people dressed up like Captain Kirk and Star Wars characters somehow wasn’t easy to explain to my new bride.”

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