A 19-year-old server was given an extremely large time as a random act of kindness

By Drew Mackie
Updated July 22, 2015 10:15 PM

A 19-year-old server at the Smokey Barque BBQ restaurant in Frankfort, Illinois, was shocked to find that a kind-hearted customer had left him a $1,000 tip on a $20 meal.

“My jaw dropped. I couldn’t do anything. I was in shock,” said waiter Brendan Motill, to ABC 7 News

On a recent slow day, Motill made small talk with the man. When Motill went to collect the bill after the customer had left, he was surprised to see the man had left him an exceedingly generous tip.

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The customer also left a note explaining that he tipped well because he wanted to help others see how powerful kindness can be.

“Thanks for your kind service. You’re going a great job as a server. I’m not sure what your hopes and dreams are in this life, but I hope this tip helps,” the customer’s note read. “My hope is that people were more peaceful to each other. The world can be so negative and violent. I commit random acts of kindness so that others know there can be another way. Peace be with you, brother!”

Motill told ABC 7 that he plans to use the money for college, where he’d like to study accounting.