By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 03, 2002 01:00 PM

Social history was made Sunday when the New York Times ran its first-ever same-sex wedding announcement in its Styles section, under the newly christened “Weddings/Celebrations” page.

The Times honor went to Daniel Gross and Steven Goldstein, who were affirming their partnership in a civil-union ceremony Sunday in North Hero, Vt.

Shown smiling broadly in the photo above their announcement, Goldstein, 40, owns a public affairs consulting firm in New York and was co-manager of Jon Corzine’s successful 2000 campaign in New Jersey for the U.S. Senate; Gross, 32, is a vice-president of GE Capital.

They met in October 1992 through a personal ad in a Washington, D.C., gay newspaper, reports the Times.

Several other of the nation’s papers, including the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle already publish gay and lesbian union announcements. Speaking to NBC news announcer Ann Curry from Montreal on Monday morning’s “Today” show, the couple — who had written a four-page letter to The Times months ago, asking the paper to consider running their announcement — said they were not out to make a political statement.

But, as Gross noted: “These celebrations are taking place in the world, and it is the role of newspaper to report what’s going on in the world.”

Gross also said that the next time the “Today” show runs its “Today Ties the Knot Competition,” which helps prospective newlyweds plan their weddings, “it should consider a same-sex couple.”

“Duly noted,” replied Curry.