Gavin Rossdale: Kingston 'Is My Greatest Triumph'

He says that, in true rock star descendant form, the 1-year-old is already "big on drums"

Photo: Ramirez-Rios/ JFX

Rock star Gavin Rossdale may have sold millions of records with his band Bush, but his 1-year-old son with Gwen Stefani is his “greatest triumph.”

“This is Kingston,” he tells Extra in an interview airing Monday as he cradles the boy in his lap. “Finally, I got something right.”

Kingston has even inherited his parents’ love of music, says Rossdale, 42. “He was on tour with Gwen. He’d come and watch the show with me with the headphones on. He’s big on drums.”

Rossdale and Stefani, 38, have been able to maintain a relatively normal family life without shying away from the spotlight. “If we were going to be followed by paparazzi, it doesn’t mean we would leave him home … we don’t take life too seriously,” he says. Adding, in response to a question about giving Kingston a sibling, “We’ll see what happens.”

Interviewed at the Bank of the West Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, Rossdale reveals that he “grew up wanting to be a tennis player. [But] when I was touring on the road, I stopped for a long time.” These days his main pastime is cooking. “It’s a hobby you can share,” he points out, mentioning “lots of Italian food and English food like roasts” as his specialties.

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