August 05, 2016 02:05 PM

Gavin DeGraw is about to hit the road with Andy Grammer Sunday, so what’s the first thing the singer does when he checks into a new hotel room?

“I drop off my bags, I get out my dopp kit, and then I go for a walk,” DeGraw, 39, tells PEOPLE. “On my walk I ask somebody, ‘Hey, where would you recommend a friend to go?’ And I wait for them to tell me.”

DeGraw – who likes “to explore independent style businesses and do local things” when he travels – has teamed up with Curio – A Collection by Hilton to bring his fans, Cities by Curio.

“[It’s] a list of places to go, hotels to stay at, things to do, basically a 48-hour itinerary,” explains DeGraw. If music fans want to travel to an unfamiliar town to catch a show, Cities by Curio can help plan the post-show party.

“When you do so much traveling like we do and you put on the miles, the miles start to look the same because there’s so many of the same types of businesses in every town you go to,” explains DeGraw, who is playing about 50 cities on his upcoming tour.

He continues: “It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel sometimes, so it’s nice to go somewhere that has some character – these are all properties that have character.”

But, the one thing that still makes DeGraw uncomfortable about every hotel room?

“Remote controls. I think they’re filthy,” admits DeGraw, who takes out “a bottle of Purell” and will “just absolutely sanitize it.”

“I’m not a germaphobe, but the remote, that’s just next level!” he says

And when he’s not on-stage performing, DeGraw will be spending his downtime grabbing a bite to eat.

“There’s a large man that lives inside of me so I like to eat,” he jokes. “I love to eat. I eat like a pregnant woman. I do.”

Adds DeGraw: “What’s better than eating? It’s so delicious.”

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