Gasper Chiaramonte used a GoPro-equipped drone copter to film a fireworks display from the inside out

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 23, 2014 03:00 PM

Katy Perry, eat your heart out. (Because of “Firework.” Get it? Never mind.)

Flying a camera-equipped drone copter into the middle of a fireworks display may not be the soundest idea, but it certainly paid dividends in this instance.

Gasper Chiaramonte uploaded this video of a Fillmore, Calif., fireworks display from a rather unique perspective: Inside the display.

Well, not atomically. But Chiaramonte attached a GoPro camera to a DJI Phantom quadcopter and piloted it up into the middle of a fireworks display.

The resulting video is a bird’s-eye view (if said bird was perhaps insane) of a fireworks display. It’s kind of like a WWII fighter-pilot film, but much more colorful and whimsical.

As for Chiaramonte, his drone’s fine. We think.

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