Gas Station Owner to Britney: You Stole My Lighter!

Spears walks out with a lighter, and a Chevron owner hopes to get her $1.39 back

Photo: Fame

Britney Spears walked out of a Sherman Oaks, Calif., gas station on Friday and joked to cameras that she stole a lighter.

Now, the gas station owner wants her to come back… and pay $1.39.

Chevron owner Jatinder Kaur tells PEOPLE: “Yes, Britney stole a blue lighter here last night. The lighter is $1.39. I’m hoping maybe the next time she comes back she will pay for it. I know she can afford to pay for it, but I’m not planning to file a police report. It’s still not right for her to steal the lighter. I hope she will do the right thing the next time she comes here.”

Spears, 26, did pay for some chewing gum at the Chevron, but on her way out of the gas station’s store, she grabbed the lighter. When a photographer pointed out that Britney “forgot” to pay for the lighter, Britney sarcastically responded, “I stole something. Oh, I’m bad!”
–Pernilla Cedenheim

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