Those closest to the woman who went missing in Aruba are still waiting for answers in the case

By Tim Nudd and Nicole Weisensee Egan
November 30, 2011 07:15 AM
Credit: Elton Malone/AP; Natalee Holloway Resource Center/AP

With Gary Giordano, the main suspect in the case, freed on Tuesday, family and friends of Robyn Gardner, who went missing in Aruba almost four months ago, have spoken of their frustration at still not having any answers.

“We still don’t know where Robyn is, and that’s the issue I’m concerned with most,” Gardner’s boyfriend, Richard Forester, tells PEOPLE. “I am hopeful that the U.S. authorities will be able to find some answers from the computers and phones as to what happened and hopefully that will lead to finding Robyn.”

Forester admitted he was still working out how he felt about the release of Giordano, Gardner’s traveling partner, whom Aruban authorities consider a prime suspect.

“I’m really not sure what I think,” he said. “I am still kind of in limbo on that, but not surprised.”

Meanwhile, Gardner’s cousin, Kelly Reed, released her own statement saying the family is frustrated but also hopeful that answers will eventually be forthcoming.

“Needless to say, our family is very disappointed that even after all this time, we are no closer to finding out what happened to our Robyn,” Reed said. “We trust that the FBI and the Aruban authorities will continue their fervent efforts to investigate her disappearance.”

Reed added: “As we deal with our grief privately, we are honored by the strength that Robyn’s friends have shown by speaking out on her behalf publicly. Perhaps the public attention that this has generated will result in someone stepping forward with information that will help find her. In the meantime, we hope everyone will continue to keep Robyn in their prayers.”

Forrester questioned the pace of the investigation, wondering why it has taken so long to comb through Giordano’s computer records, and asking why investigators haven’t looked into neighboring islands.

“There are still many unanswered questions and it’s frustrating,” he said. “So much attention has been put into making a case against GG and now they release him, but still have no answers as to Robyn’s whereabouts. I think more effort needed and needs to be put into finding Robyn. A person doesn’t just disappear like that. Also, If she went snorkeling, where is her snorkeling equipment?”