Former TV star Gary Coleman has been sentenced to 90 days in jail after agreeing to a plea bargain in a case in which he was accused of hitting an autograph-seeker in a Los Angeles-area mall. The 86-pound Coleman, who played Arnold in the sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes,” testified he was trying to get away from Tracy Fields when he hit her. Coleman, 30, stands 4-feet-7. He said Ms. Fields, a 205-pound bus driver, yelled at him after he gave her an autograph July 30. “She called across the room again quite loudly, ‘Ain’t you gonna put nothing nice on it?”’ Coleman said. “I thought that’s really rude.” Coleman, who works for a mall security force, said Ms. Fields swore at him and called him a punk, so he swore back. He tore up the autograph and that’s when she allegedly became menacing, so he hit her.

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