"I love her with all my heart," the actor purportedly said in a handwritten document

By Ken Lee
June 10, 2010 08:45 PM
Richard Drew/AP

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price had only been married a week when he signed everything over to her in the event of his death, according to a new will Price filed Thursday in a Utah court.

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In making Price, 24, the sole heir to his estate, Coleman added cryptically in the handwritten document dated Sept. 4, 2007: “This I have done because of my own personal selfishness and weakness and I love her with all my heart.”

Aside from bank accounts, property, cars and other earnings, the alleged new will also leaves Price his “model trains, toys, [and] games.” Coleman, 42, was a lifelong model train enthusiast and often spent hours tinkering with his collection in his basement, friends say.

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In what is becoming an ugly fight over the actor’s estate, Price also asked the court Thursday to revoke the authority of Coleman’s former manager Dion Mial, 46, over the actor’s affairs.

Price added that Coleman and Mial had become estranged after the actor moved to Utah, saying they “had little, if anything, to do with each other.” She also complained that Mial unlawfully changed the locks on the Santaquin home she shared with the actor.

A judge put a freeze on the case until a June 14 hearing to decide who the actor truly intended to care for him after his death. His funeral plans are still pending.

An attorney for Price wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Mial’s lawyer Kent Alderman previously argued that any will naming Price as executor should be voided because of their 2008 divorce. But Price now contends that she and Coleman had effectively entered into a common-law marriage, having lived together for five years.

Complicating matters is the fact that Coleman’s handwritten 2007 will wasn’t witnessed or notarized, making proof of its authenticity problematic.

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