Courtesy Boxley Family

An entire family was elected to the homecoming court at the same Virginia high school

November 17, 2015 05:10 PM

Watch out Will and Kate, there’s a new royal family on the scene!

When Gary Boxley Jr. was voted as James Monroe High School’s homecoming king on October 23, he became the fourth member of his family to hold a regal title.

The 17-year-old’s parents, Gary Sr. and Katrina Boxley, who were high school sweethearts at the same Fredericksburg, Virginia, school, were crowned homecoming prince and princess in 1984 and went on to garner the title of king and queen the following year. Boxley Jr.’s brother, Linwood, 26, was elected king in 2007.

“It felt like I made my family proud when I won,” Boxley Jr. tells PEOPLE. “If I can raise my future kids in the same way my parents raised me, I m sure they will win homecoming king or queen, too!”

The Boxley family is known in the community for being “well-liked and very involved,” according to James Monroe High School’s Principal Dr. Taneshia Rachal.

Gary and Katrina Boxley senior year of high school as king and queen at homecoming dance
Courtesy Boxley Family

“For an entire family to get elected, I think that speaks to each member’s genuinely good core,” Dr. Rachal tells PEOPLE. “It’s rare these days that you run into an entire family that’s just good, with good morals and ethics. That’s what wins you the homecoming crown – it’s much more than a popularity contest.”

Gary Sr., 49, and Katrina Boxley, 48, grew up in the same Fredericksburg neighborhood and began dating their junior year of high school. The couple was active in a multitude of sports and clubs – much like their two sons.

Linwood Boxley crowned homecoming king
Courtesy Boxley Family

“We all have a lot in common, but mostly we have the same values and I think people respect that,” Boxley Sr. tells PEOPLE. “We treat people honestly, it’s the golden rule. We constantly talk about it in our household – not to be judgmental. No matter your wealth or status we treat everyone exactly the same.”

“It must run in our genes!” he says with a laugh.

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