Garth Brooks Donates Personal Stuff to Museum

The country star cleans out the house, maybe to make wife Trisha Yearwood happy

Photo: Tsuni/Gamma

Garth Brooks has cleaned out his closet, giving some of what he found to the Smithsonian in the nation’s capital, reports The Washington Post‘s Reliable Source column. Among the donations: a reconstructed smashed guitar from a 1991 TV appearance, a Western-style concert outfit (including black elephant-skin boots), handwritten lyrics on a yellow legal pad and some plaques for sales milestones, including one adorned by a gold-painted audio cassette tape.

“To say that I’m flattered would not be enough,” the semi-retired singer, 45, said of his inclusion in the American archive. “I always thought that when this happened you’d feel like Elvis, and I don’t.”

He added, “All I can think of while they’re taking me around here is, ‘What the hell am I doing in here?’ ” – Stephen M. Silverman

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