You'll Never Guess How Dwyane Wade Shows His Love for Wife Gabrielle Union

The couple spent Valentine's Day together at the basketball player's All-Star Bowling Classic

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Forget shooting hoops Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade is on his way to becoming the next Shakespeare.

Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union joined her husband at the 8th Annual All-Star Bowling Classic with The Sandals Foundation in New York City on Saturday, and revealed that the sweetest thing that he does for her is write love poems.

“They’re about love and devotion and his feelings,” the 42-year-old actress told PEOPLE. “And they’re really impressive. Like, at first I thought he had a ghost writer.”

The couple, who wed last August, have routinely been spending Valentine’s Day at NBA All-Star Weekend.

“She’s appreciative of how hard I work and loving goes a long way,” Wade, 33, said. “She’s in support of my career, my choices, and when you’re the man of the family sometimes you have to make choices and she supports me in them, good or bad, and that’s unmatched, so I’m appreciative.”

Wade is sitting out of this year’s All-Star Game due to an hamstring injury, but he still showed support for his foundation, Wade’s World, which helps support community-based programs for children in at risk-situations.

“On this day, it’s about loving. It’s about appreciation,” he said. “For us, we’re very appreciative of what God has blessed us with, what we have and that’s what we’re here for – to make sure that we give back to others that don’t have as much.”

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