Gabrielle Union on Her Growing Family: 'The More, the Merrier!'

The actress is opening up about life at home with husband Dwyane Wade and their three sons

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There’s more to family than what meets the eye.

Gabrielle Union is opening up about life at home with hubby Dwyane Wade and their three sons in the midst of joining the new Tylenol campaign called #HowWeFamily.

“Marrying into a family of three boys and becoming a stepmother to three kids has just sort of been an extension to how I was raised,” Union, 42, tells PEOPLE. “The more, the merrier! Everyone counts. Everyone has a space.”

Having been born into a middle-class, Catholic family in Omaha, Nebraska, the actress shares what her family dynamic was like growing up, and how it has evolved.

“I was raised in a family that was all about unconditional love,” the actress says. “No matter what incarnation your family comes in, you are enough.”

Having said that, the Being Mary Jane star was thrilled to join a campaign that focuses on, and celebrates, the American family.

“It’s about unconditional love, inclusion,” Union says. “To be a part of a program that actually celebrates that and all different kinds of family, I jumped at the chance.”

Having shared a rare glimpse of what life is like at home, Union admits that her family extends far beyond her husband and three sons.

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“That family encompasses so many people,” Union explains. “Not just the people that have been born into the family but extended family, stepkids, friends who have possibly been displaced from their families. Everyone is included and everyone counts.”

So, how does Union “family”?

“We family with love, like a lot of cheesy love,” Union says. “And that works for us, and that’s how we family.”

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