The pro volleyball player and the surfing star already have a daughter, Viola, 3

By Emily Fromm
Updated June 29, 2007 02:30 PM

Pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and her husband, surfing champ Laird Hamilton, are expecting their second little beachcomber, Reece announced Friday morning.

“I’m a little bit over three months pregnant,” Reece, 37, said on the Today show. (See a video of her announcement here.)

As a correspondent for the show, she’ll offer women tips on eating healthy and exercising while they’re expecting, she said, adding: “I always say, ‘You’re not dead and you’re not fat, you’re just pregnant.’ ”

Reece and Hamilton, 43, already have a daughter, Viola, 3½. They wed in November 1997 and can be seen competing on ABC’s racing reality show Fast Cars & Superstars. (“Believe me, if it came down to Laird versus me, Laird would have done anything not to lose,” Reece told PEOPLE earlier this month.)

Two of PEOPLE’s 2007 Most Beautiful, they spoke in May about what they find attractive in each other. “For me Gabby’s not only physically beautiful,” Hamilton said. “She’s not just foxy hot, she has a real elegance. The way she carries herself, her posture, the way she walks it’s very appealing. You see the confidence.”

Said Reece: “I’ve always responded primally to Laird’s strength. He’s got the greatest back and lats I’ve ever seen on a man and a really nice booty too!”