The DaVinci Code author's latest book, The Lost Symbol, may have benefited from the reduced electronic price
Credit: Wendell Teodoro/WireImage

Here’s something to get conspiracy theorists buzzing: Dan Brown fans would rather read his latest thriller on a screen than on the paper page

According to sales figures for the The Lost Symbol, the latest in the Landon series the author of The DaVinci Code, the Amazon e-book version of the 528-page tome is outselling the hardcover edition since it was released to the public Tuesday.

And that’s not peanuts – the book has already broken Barnes & Noble’s one-day adult-fiction sales record.

Of course, as with every Brown plot, things aren’t all that they may seem, and there are other factors to consider, including the Kindle version’s $9.99 price versus the hardcover’s $16.17, as well as the possibility that market for the hardcover has already been saturated, as points out.