Future Blasts Ciara on Twitter: 'This B---- Got Control Problems'

The rapper is criticizing his baby's mother for allegedly keeping their child away from him

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Former couple Future and Ciara, are off to a rough start this new year.

The rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday, blasting his ex-fiancée and accusing her of keeping their 19-month-old son, Future Zahir, from seeing him.

“This bitch got control problems. I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture the f—ery for 15k a month,” Future, 32, tweeted in two back-to-back posts.

The couple welcomed their son in May of 2014 – the first child for Ciara and the fourth for Future – while still engaged. However, their engagement ended months later when the two split in August amid reports of Future’s alleged infidelity.

Future continued airing his thoughts on social media, adding two more tweets about the situation.

“I jus [sic] want babyfuture that’s all,” he wrote. “I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience.”

The couple’s split wasn’t exactly amicable and Future has been vocal about his feelings regarding his son, especially when it comes to the toddler spending time with Ciara’s boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.


When photos of his son at the Seahawks training camp surfaced last year, Future shared his thoughts on Twitter.

“Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup,” he wrote.

“At the end of the day, my son will be the one that s affected the most out of this. I think people have to think about that versus just shouting out things,” Ciara, 30, said at the time. “To speak on such a sensitive and real situation when you don’t have all the facts, that to me is the frustrating part of it all because again, us adults will be fine, but my son has to grow up one day and he has to see.”

During an appearance on Power 105 FM’s The Breakfast Club, Future echoed the thoughts in his tweet, saying that Ciara bringing their child around Wilson was for publicity.

“I’m not for the publicity stunts,” he said. “Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship.”

A rep for Ciara declined to comment and a rep for Future has not responded to a request for comment.

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