"The mission to the Philippines was a life-changing experience for all involved," Reach Out Worldwide's Felicia Knox tells PEOPLE

By Patrick Gomez
Updated April 07, 2015 03:00 AM
Credit: E. Charbonneau/WireImage

Paul Walker touched millions of lives through his films, but he also made a lasting impact through the charity work he orchestrated far from the flashing bulbs of Hollywood.

And thanks to his family, Walker’s charitable legacy is living on, even as they continue to mourn the death of the Furious 7 actor, who died in a car crash at 40 years old in November 2013.

Walker founded the non-profit Reach Out Worldwide [ROWW] after he served as part of a relief team that responded to the massive earthquakes that devastated Hati in January 2010.

“You put goodwill out there, it’s amazing what can be accomplished,” Walker said in a video celebrating the two-year anniversary of his charity, which shows doctors and aid workers going to far-flung places, from tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to a tsunami-devastated Indonesia.

Walker – who was ranked by DoSomething.org as the fourth-most-charitable celebrity of 2013 – was active in ROWW up until the very day he died, and now the actor’s brothers are making sure the Walker name remains hands-on with the charity.

Walker’s brother Cody – who also stepped in to finish Walker’s work on Furious 7 – deployed to the Philippines in November to assist ROWW in providing free medical clinics and flu vaccinations.

“The mission to the Philippines was a life-changing experience for all involved,” ROWW’s Felicia Knox tells PEOPLE. “And being that Cody was a working paramedic on an ambulance prior to joining ROWW, the transition to ROWW has been a great fit.”

For more information on ROWW – which recently deployed a team to provide aid in Vanuatu in the wake of devastating Tropical Cyclone Pam – visit ROWW.org.

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