By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 14, 2016 04:58 PM
Credit: Jake Warga/Getty

Well-behaved behaved people rarely make history … or inspire rules like “no human hamster balls on mall property.”

Here are 15 stories from Reddit users who did something so inappropriate that new rules were made.

1. “Middle School: Eating any part of an animal that we’re supposed to be dissecting results in an automatic one-week suspension.”

2. “‘No more than 30 cases of beer per vehicle.’ This was instituted after I showed up at the beer distributors to buy their overstock beer with a step-van and bought ALL of their overstock beer.”

3. “I put a pencil in the microwave. Bang. No more elementary school microwaves.”

4. “It’s an old one at my public school, but no snow forts. Some of us went a little too far and a snow tunnel collapsed on someone. We thought it funny after we realized we didn’t kill him, but the teachers did not.”

5. “The town I live in has a free bus that runs late at night through all the college neighborhoods and dorms to discourage drunk kids from driving home from downtown. One day my wasted buddy and I were riding home when he discovered he had a bunch of bottle rockets in his coat pocket from a night earlier in the week. So, logically, we handed them out to everyone on the bus with the provision that they not set them off on the bus. This turned into a string of fireworks going off all over town right behind the bus for the whole ride. There are now big signs on all the buses that say ‘no fireworks.'”

6. “One winter my friend wanted to build an igloo and sleep outside. So he built that igloo, whipped out a sleeping bag, got all cozy inside and fell asleep. This is a stupid idea for a number of reasons, but apparently, someone was dumb enough to think that he had passed out and was dying. They called campus security AND an ambulance to take him away. But as everyone came to find out, he was just asleep. However, for giving the college such a scare, they banned the activity specifically. A rule literally exists that says something along the lines of ‘no sleeping in igloos.'”

7. “Catholic school. Uniform. Religious jewelry only. After I wore a big Jesus ‘bling-bling’-style chain, the dress code was updated: ‘Religious jewelry must be worn under the clothing, not visible.’ Many girls were sad that their pretty crucifixes were no longer allowed to be seen.”

8. “One time I got airdrop banned from my school because I renamed my phone to ‘hot single goats in your area’ and airdropped photoshopped pictures of goats in bikinis so much that people couldn’t use their school devices. Nobody knows it was me, and I won’t tell anyone at my school.”

9. “No snowball fights on campus. My twin brother and I went to the same community college before university. I saw him sitting on a bench in the courtyard one day and threw a snowball at him. This started a chain reaction of a 50+ person snowball fight. It was pretty crazy. Well … an undercover police officer was in the courtyard walking by and decided he should detain me, then threaten to get me kicked out of school. The dean asked that it not happen again … but wasn’t nearly so eager to expel a student for throwing snow at his brother.”

10. “At my work, we have a WRITTEN rule that we cannot do any voice impressions over the drive-thru headsets. Specifically, Skeletor and Herbert the Pervert.”

11. “‘No human hamster balls on mall property.’ (I can’t take full credit; it was a group effort).”

12. “In Blue Springs, Florida, there’s a sign on one of the docks telling you not to jump in there. That’s because I did jump in there and left a trail of blood on the boardwalk from the 4-inch gash in my foot.”

13. “When I was in college, I had this one professor who was universally loathed. It came time for evaluations, and I wrote a lengthy and rather scathing screed for pages upon pages — I don’t remember most of what I said, but I do recall writing to the effect that ‘a typical birdbath would have made for a more effective instructor.’ Next semester, the evaluation forms all suddenly contained a new line specifying that our critiques had to be civil.”

14. “‘No tossing/throwing receipt paper. It must be passed hand to hand.’ I worked at Lowe’s, in outside lawn and garden during the summer. One day we were super busy. My register runs out of tape, and my supervisor tosses me a new roll. I fail to catch, and it hits me in the face. I don’t feel hurt, try to continue working and later get escorted to the bathroom by manager. My upper lip is almost detached from my face, and there is blood everywhere. I am sent to the E.R. and have to have it stitched back up. I was honestly more worried the supervisor was going to get in trouble than I was about the injury.”

15. “No drag racing on airport runways … it hadn’t been formally written before.”

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.