January Jones, Darren Criss and Beau Bridges Spoof Climate Change Deniers in Funny or Die Music Video

"Don't fret, the Earth's not getting warmer," Darren Criss and more stars promise in Funny or Die's "Climate Change Deniers' Anthem"

Photo: Courtesy January Jones

“Climate Change Deniers’ Anthem” starring January Jones, Jennette McCurdy, Darren Criss & Many More… from Beau Bridges

By now you’ve heard about that major problem plaguing our society – “idiots who claim that climate change is real.”

Now, thanks to the folks over at Funny or Die and a liberal climate advocacy group – not to mention “the Koch brothers” (both played by Beau Bridges) – climate change deniers have their very own anthem to help spread the word that “scientists are full of “s—,” the oceans aren’t rising and polar bears are fine.

Sung by the “hottest conservative pop stars” of our time, including Darren Criss, Jennette McCurdy, Estelle, Emily Osment, Ed Weeks and many more, the “Climate Change Deniers’ Anthem” features compelling lyrics like:

  • “Don’t fret, the Earth’s not getting warmer,
  • these temperatures are normal, Rubio agrees.
  • We’re fine, just a little toasty weather,
  • To bring us all together, in sunny harmony.”

January Jones serves as the voice of reason in the spoof music video when, after she gets a call to join the Koch brothers’ chorus, she fires back:

“It’s 90 degrees out in December, and you want me to deny climate change? This has to be a prank.”

“Frickin’ Clooney,” she mutters after hanging up the phone.

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