Funny Gore

Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore has long had to defend his reputation for being, well, boring. But the Vice Prez displayed a keen sense of humor on Tuesday’s radio broadcast of “Imus in the Morning.” In a snipe at George W. Bush, who was embarrassed by press questions recently that involved leaders of foreign nations, Gore told morning jock Don Imus, “The other day I was talking to Utkir Sultanov, you know, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan? And he asked me, ‘Did you send a birthday card to Hamed?’ That’s of course Hamed Karoui, the prime minister of Tunisia.” Gore also got into the morning radio show spirit and took on Imus. “Incidentally, Don, I need an advisor to tell me how to communicate to old men, and I was wondering if you might have some free time.”

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