Your Childhood Dreams Have Finally Come True – You Can Now Become a Lego

The company Funky 3D Faces is using 3-D printing to customize Lego heads


Sure, kids these days have an incredible number of toy options that most of us couldn’t have even dreamed up when we were tykes – think “hoverboards” – but now we have a real reason to envy the youths of today.

Thanks to Funky 3D Faces, anyone, anywhere can now become their very own Lego.

The UK-based company is an offshoot of ELAT3D Ltd., who have the less whimsical job of making 3-D printed bones for medical purposes and producing architectural models. On their site, the creators say they wanted to devote a side hustle to “something that everyone could relate to, something that would make a great gift for young and old and be completely unique and fun.”

All the team needs to create your Lego likeness is two 2-D photos of your head. One figure costs 29.99, or about $44, and can be shipped worldwide.

The Funky 3D Faces store includes figures of everyone from The Avengers crew to Catwoman, and they’ve even branched out to making wedding toppers for their Etsy shop. The heads are removable, so you can be Captain America one day and jet off on your X-Wing the next.

The products haven’t been endorsed by Lego yet, but they do fit on all of their mini figures.

No word on whether you can get heads made from celebrity pictures, so you can, say, make your own Donald Trump-Darth Vader or Princess Leia-Princess Kate mashup.

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