Fun with Nicole Kidman

A profile of Nicole Kidman for Esquire magazine depicts her has a pretty wild spirit and her husband Tom Cruise as — apparently — a pretty good sport. The writer, Tom Junod, told USA Today he got drunk with Kidman at a pub in Sydney, Australia, and later that night she wound up in his bed — and he got in there with her. But Junod says they didn’t take their clothes off or anything, and nothing happened. Then Cruise happened to call the room looking for Nicole. Junod says he told Cruise she was in his bed, and Cruise said, “Yeah, in your dreams, buddy.” The newspaper quotes Kidman’s publicist as saying that it’s “nice to see a different side” of the actress.

  • In other news of Tom Cruise, the star has granted an interview to Diane Sawyer, who will face him on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “20/20.” The Q&As will air next Wednesday, two days before the opening of his new movie, Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.”
  • On the subject of “Eyes Wide Shut,” the film has now been screened in Manhattan for movie exhibitors. One viewer told New York’s Daily News that the movie, which runs two hours and 40 minutes, is “slow and draggy and needs to be significantly shorter.” Others described the flick as one long tease — “more kinky than sexual,” according to another theater owner.
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