20 Years Post-Finale: Where Are The 'Full House' Characters Now?

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It’s been 20 long years since we bid adieu to San Francisco’s favorite family on Full House, but this decades-long hiatus may be coming to a close. Last week, TV Line reported that the classic California-set series would be making a reappearance in a modern-day revival – on Netflix.

The Full House reboot isn’t a for-sure thing just yet, but according to TVLine, Netflix is very close to ordering a continuation of the ’90s classic. Fuller House would follow the eldest Tanner daughter, D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) and her longtime best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber), as they tackle the ups and downs of raising “full houses” of their own. And of course, other former cast members, including Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier are in talks to make potential guest appearances during the show’s 13-episode run.

While we wait to binge on Fuller House, we took a minute to dream up potential futures for the Tanner-Gladstone-Katsopolis clans and figure out what they’d be up to in the digital age.

Danny Tanner
The Tanner family’s resident neat freak will have retired from the television biz by 2015. And while he enjoys his life of leisure, Danny’s been keeping himself busy. He’s had a career rebirth of sort in the form of a widely read housekeeping blog called Clean Is Good, in which he shares tips on everything from stain removal to the best tactics for cleaning your vacuum. On the personal front, he’s reunited with his onetime fianc e Vicky Larson after she leaves her job in N.Y.C. to return to the West Coast (she couldn’t handle the cold).

D.J. Tanner
After the two started up their romance at D.J.’s senior prom, our Fuller House protagonist is married to her high school sweetheart Steve. And as Deej is the center of our return to Tanner-land, it’s only fitting that she’s still residing in San Francisco with her longtime beau and their children. She followed in her father and Becky’s footsteps and is now the new host of Wake Up, San Francisco!. And of course, Kimmy Gibbler is still their next-door neighbor.

Stephanie Tanner
The middle Tanner child was famous for her favorite line, “How rude!” Once Twitter took off, Stephanie took to the social-media platform to declare her thoughts on what’s “rude” or not. Since then, she’s become the ultimate authority on pop culture blunders. A couple tweets include “Kanye taking the mic from Taylor? #HowRude,” “The mom dies on #HIMYM?! #HowRude,” and “Rob didn’t come to the #Kimye wedding? #HowRude.” The Twitter sensation later lands a book deal, and she pens a how-to guide on pop culture etiquette, making her a modern-day Emily Post.

Michelle Tanner
Due to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s recent professional interest in fashion over theatrics, don’t expect to see much of the youngest Tanner in the Full House reboot. But in Fuller House, there’s a reason for Michelle’s disappearance. Like her off-screen alter egos, Michelle has found success as a jet-setting fashion designer. While her family may not see her as often as they’d like, the Tanner-Gladstone-Katsopolis family keeps up with Michelle on her Instagram, where she continues to use her go-to catchphrases to provide commentary on fashion trends. “You got it, dude” followed a snap from Chanel’s Fall 2015 collection, whereas tie-dye overalls get a “No way, Jose.”

Joey Gladstone
When the girls grew up and Ranger Joe came to a close, Joey decided to focus on his comedy. On a whim, he auditioned for Chicago’s famed Second City theater, the breeding ground for comedians like Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Amy Poehler, to name a few. Turns out, the casting director’s kid was a huge Ranger Joe fan, and he cast Joey on the spot. After a few years in the Windy City, Joey snagged an SNL audition. His comedic chops impressed Lorne Michaels so much that he was made a cast member within hours of his tryout. While Joey was thrilled about his new job, he mostly was just happy to be reunited with Jesse again – he now lives in the same building as the Katsopolis clan.

Jesse Katsopolis
Since the last time we saw Jesse, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets have become a smashing success. When the group really started getting off the ground, Jesse, Becky, and the twins made the tough choice to leave San Francisco and head for New York, where his music career could really flourish. Now, when he’s not rocking out Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets’s umpteenth reunion tour, Jesse’s a judge on a reality singing competition called the J-Factor.

Becky Donaldson-Katsopolis
Don’t think that the Katsopolis’s move to N.Y.C. meant the end of Becky’s journalism career. Rather, it was further prompted by an advantageous career move for Becky. When Vicky Larson left her post as a network news anchor in New York, it opened up a slot that both Becky and the show’s producers were eager for her to fill. She’s still manning her post, and has become one of the most respected women in television journalism. Most recently, she took over the “10 Most Fascinating” franchise – Barbara Walters told her there’s no better woman for the job.

Alex & Nicky Katsopolis
Born in 1991, by the time Fuller House debuts, the twins will be fresh college graduates. However, they have yet to use their degrees to land a day job, as the twins have inherited their dad’s vocal chops. With these talents, they’ve made a killing as “The Katsopolis Boys” on YouTube, where they post videos of themselves singing duets of One Direction songs. With over a million subscribers, they’re a bona fide YouTube sensation and one of the top 1D cover “bands” on the market. And now that Zayn’s gone, the Katsopolis boys may just become the fifth (and sixth, because they never do anything without the other) members of 1D.

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