Mitzi Rosanna Steady, who was killed in a truck accident, was given a funeral that honored her favorite movie

By Drew Mackie
Updated February 24, 2015 07:10 AM
Ben Birchall/PA Wire/ZUMA; Inset: Courtesy Andrew Steady/Just Giving

The choir at Britiain’s Bath Abbey sang a somber version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” on Sunday as 4-year-old Mitzi Rosanna Steady was laid to rest in her Frozen-themed coffin.

Hundreds of mourners came to bid farewell to the little girl, who died on Feb. 9 when she and her grandmother were struck by an out-of-control truck that also careened into a car carrying three men, all of whom died. At the time they were hit, Mitzi and her grandmother were walking to pick up the little girl’s older brother and sister from school.

In her eulogy, Mitzi’s mother, Emmajade Steady, called her late daughter a princess and bemoaned their short time together, reports the Mirror.

“How can it be that there will be no more memories?” Steady read. “You were just becoming a young girl. So smart, so open and free … I want to come home to you throwing yourself at me again. I want to give you your special milk on your cereal and ask, ‘What shall we do today?’ ”

In lieu of flowers and donations, the Steadys asked that mourners make contributions in Mitzi’s name to the charity Brake, which advocates for road safety.